A sense of place born at the edge of the sea.

For me it’s all about the ocean, water as far as you can see, puffy cloud formations out in the distance. It’s about the images of children digging in the sand and braving the waves. Fishermen are waiting for pompano to bite and people are strolling on the beach hand-in-hand. I love the sight of pelicans on dawn patrol gliding along on wave driven air cushions. My Vero Beach art is about images of beach serenity, the mood of the waves, sunrise colors and people on the sand.

I am called to watch the sunrise every morning. It feels like a spiritual imperative or primordial need. The cloud colors change from dark grays to pinks and yellows and the reflections on the ocean mimic the cloud colors. At sunrise, the sun emerges from the ocean in all its glory, the most powerful image in the solar system, spreading color in the clouds high and wide.

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