Firefly Sanctuaries And Firefly Conservation

Firefly meadows are all about conserving fireflies and creating and preserving firefly habitat and the firefly food chain.

My meadows double as pollinator pathways and the butterflies and flowers are a colorful delight.

Without firefly habitat it goes without saying there is no future for fireflies. One of the striking things about the firefly displays here is there are a “million” fireflies in the meadows and trees but zero fireflies in the surrounding properties, with the exception of the excellent attached New Canaan Land Trust Firefly Sanctuary. A special mention for Chris Schipper who helped preserve the land.
The New Canaan Land Trust has done an excellent job in establishing and promoting its firefly sanctuary. The visitor registration process and firefly dinner fundraiser have made a real impact in educating the public about the natural world and the preservation of fireflies.

If enough land trusts had firefly sanctuary programs the conservation of fireflies would be assured.

Creating and preserving firefly meadow habitat is an important step in conserving fireflies. Thank you New Canaan Land Trust for helping save the firefly.

The Firefly Meadow Kit Program

For qualifying land trust properties, supplying Firefly Meadow Kits could help the conservation of fireflies. The idea is similar to the efforts of Johnny Appleseed— thank you John Chapman for your successful apple conservation efforts.

The meadows here in New Canaan are a firefly oasis in an otherwise dead zone due to lawn chemicals, development, and home floodlights. The “dozen” firefly species that live here never cross the borders of this property, perhaps because they can smell the chemicals. All the fireflies here are born here, mate here, lay their eggs here, and die here. It is truly their sanctuary.

There is a special colorful beauty in firefly meadows with their constantly changing native perennial flowers. I hope I have been able to convey this beauty in my art and photography and that it inspires others to give up some of their lawn to save the firefly.

Bill McDonald
October 2022